Sparkle & Shine 3 Minutes in the Morning Gratitude Journal


Greet the day with gratitude. This quick & easy gratitude bullet journal helps you begin with the best mindset for a joyful start. In only a couple minutes!

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sparkle and shine morning gratitude journal with breakfast on counter

Start the day right with this Sparkle and Shine Morning Gratitude Journal. It only takes 3 minutes to complete the page for the day, and get in a healthy, happy mindset before you step out the door.


Sparkle & Shine gratitude journal page


The first bullet box asks you to set your intention for day with an affirmation that’s meaningful to how you feel or that fits the day’s schedule. (We’ve included a 2 page list of affirmations to inspire you.)

Box two asks you to list one thing you’re grateful for, and leaves room to write why you’re thankful – the all-important question that leads you into deeper feelings. 

Box three asks what you’re looking forward to that day, to add a layer of excitement to your gratitude. 

Box four asks how you’re going to make the day great. What fun can you add to your schedule? Is there someone you’d like to see? Do you need some “Me Time”? Make a commitment to yourself to add the extra today for an extraordinary life.


It Includes:

  • a gorgeous Sparkle & Shine Morning Gratitude Journal cover
  • one 8.5″ x 11″ morning gratitude page
  • two pages of affirmations 
  • printing guide

Print the morning gratitude page as many times as you wish – 365 for the whole year, for as many years as you wish! You can print at home as you need it and keep them in a binder, or print pages at your local print shop (like Staples) and they’ll even bind it into a book for you. 



Sparkle & Shine 3 Minutes in the Morning Gratitude Journal