Beginner’s Gratitude Bundle (3 Journals)


Are you starting your journey to cultivate an attitude of gratitude? Here is our Beginner’s Gratitude Journal Bundle with 3 journals.

  • There’s the My Favorite Things list with pages for you to keep a life-long gratitude list.
  • The Awakening to Appreciation 30 Day Gratitude Journal with prompts is the perfect way to start thinking about thankfulness every day.
  • Then there’s the Daily Gratitude Bullet Journal page & journaling page to use after you know how to be mindful & write from a grateful heart.

Please note that nothing physical will be shipped. This is a digital download that you will receive immediately upon payment.



The My Favorite Things Gratitude Journal and the Awakening to Appreciation 30 Days of Gratitude Journal are sold together in this Beginner’s Gratitude Journal Bundle. 

Also included is the Daily Gratitude Journal. 

My Daily Gratitude Journal for Beginners

This is intended for evening journaling of the day’s events. It includes one bullet journal page that can be completed in 3 minutes, and a journal notes page so you can add your thoughts for the day. 

You can print an unlimited number of these pages to use as long as you wish. A cover page is also included. 

You can use these as separate journals, or put all 3 together in a gratitude journal binder with the covers as dividers. 

This is the perfect set of gratitude journals to grow a life-changing attitude of gratitude:

  1. To affirm that there are good things in our life, keep a life-long list in the My Favorite Things pages.
  2. To recognize that these benefits are received from others, it’s necessary to have a feeling of gratefulness, which is taught by answering the question why to go deeper in the 30 Day prompt journal. 
  3. To express appreciation with kindness requires a mindset of gratefulness from training yourself to think of appreciation every day in a daily journal.
  4. To cultivate gratitude as a virtue, “a purpose of being”, you need a lifestyle of self-awareness, practicing gratitude & continuous growth. A daily journal with affirmations, prompts to focus on the best, and a writing page encourage all these changes.