Begin & End Each Day with a Grateful Heart Gratitude Journal


In just a few minutes morning & night this practice of self kindness can develop a mindset of gratefulness, positivity & joy. By the end of the 90 days of journaling you should see a demonstrative difference in your thankfulness, positive mindset and level of happiness.

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90 Day bullet journal focuses on the important information for connection, fun, and gratitude. 

Ninety days is the optimum amount of time to set a goal, work towards it, and see a transformation. (Although as a printable product you can use this gratitude journal for as long as you want by printing more pages.)
Begin & End Each Day with a grateful heart page example
Gratitude Journal cover behind morning & evening journal pages. (There are 9 pages altogether.)

Morning bullet Sections

  • Think of 3 words that express how you feel as you start your
  • Given how you feel, what would be a good affirmation for today?
    (We’ve included a list of affirmations to make it easier.)
  • What weather is expected & how do you need to prepare for
    that physically, emotionally and mentally – circle it.
  • Think of 3 specific things you will do to make it a good
    day. (This is not a list of what’s on your schedule. It’s things you can be grateful for doing later that day.)
  • How will you add fun to your day: when, where, what do you need to get/do for it to happen.
  • Make a list of 5 people you want to keep in touch with throughout these 90 days to improve your relationships; each day pick one person to connect with whether it’s
    to talk, include in your fun plans, give a gratitude note/gift or just text.
  • List 3 things you’re grateful for: ask yourself why you’re grateful and envision that or recall a memory until you feel grateful.

Evening Bullet Sections

  • Keep track of your water intake to see how hydration affects your moods & gratitude levels.
  • List the 3 best parts of your day and take a moment to feel true gratitude for them.
  • What went well today that you’d like to see more of?
  • What didn’t go so well today that you want to see less of?
  • What did you learn today, big or small?
  • What do you feel most proud of today?
  • It is scientifically proven that if you anticipate specific good things for tomorrow you’ll sleep better: so what 3 things do you look forward to on your schedule (not excitement, just low-grade anticipation – and put aside what you dread.)
  • “How I feel” section can be used 2 ways. Choose the information helps you grow: your general feelings through the day, or how you feel at the moment as you get ready for sleep.
  • “I meditate on these things I’m grateful for” section: list 3 things from your day or related to your affirmation of the day to reflect on until you feel gratitude – this will help you sleep better too.


9 pages for home or professional printing:

  • Cover with title “Begin & end each day with a grateful heart”: 1 minimalist black & white for easier printing at home, 1 sage cover with open flower design
  • “This Journal Belongs To” page
  • 2 pages “How to Use This Journal” (as described above)
  • 2 pages of affirmations list
  • 1 morning page to be printed as many times as you wish – recommend 90
  • 1 evening page to be printed as many times as you wish – recommend 90


Begin & End Each Day with a Grateful Heart Gratitude Journal