Awakening to Appreciation 30 Day Gratitude Journal


Gratitude journal with 30 days of prompts that encourage you to feel grateful by going deeper.

Please note that nothing physical will be shipped. This is a digital download that you will receive immediately upon payment.




All the classic gratitude prompts – with a twist – to teach you how to feel grateful as you write.


If you’re beginning your journey of gratitude – and want to learn appreciation & cultivate thankfulness – this is the gratitude journal you need.
30 days gratitude journal on woman's desk appreciation awareness for beginners

When you first focus on growing gratitude, there are classic prompts to teach you where to look for inspiration. This journal contains those types of prompts, but they are more specific to make it easier for you to hone in on your writing. 

It will take about 5 minutes, but if you’d like to write longer, a lined Awakening to Appreciation journal page is included – make as many copies as you wish. 

Every page begins with 3 lines so you can practice bullet journaling (one word or phrase instead of writing paragraphs). 

Then when you’re finished this 30 day gratitude journal you’re practiced at using different types of journalsThis way you can choose from an array of journals for the next month. 


30 days of gratitude prompts awareness appreciation journal



The purpose of a gratitude journal is to train yourself to become aware of what to appreciate, and to feel grateful as you write. 

The goal is to use this training to open your eyes to the goodness & gifts in your life as you go through your day. 

Soon you will begin to feel gratitude, peace and happiness all the time, not just when you journal.

How to Feel Grateful as You Journal
The key to feeling the emotion of gratitude as you write is to ask yourself why you feel grateful about the topic.

Asking yourself “why” will bring a memory layered with emotion. Feel the emotions, and then focus on being thankful. Write about why you’re thankful for that memory. 

Studying the why and feeling grateful is more important than writing the events of the memory itself. These prompts will remind you to focus on the WHY.



  • 30 Days of Gratitude journal cover
  • intro page explaining how to feel thankful while journaling
  • 30 numbered pages, each with a different journal prompt 
  • printing guide
  • size: 8.5″ x 11″