4 Ways Gratitude Increases Mindfulness

Gratitude Increases Mindfulness

Gratitude increases mindfulness: by adding appreciation the present moment becomes more meaningful & we are fully alive.

Mindfulness is about being present and fully engaged with whatever we’re doing at the moment — free from distraction or judgment, and with an open mind.

Gratitude encourages us to notice and appreciate the nuances of life, which is an act of mindfulness itself.

Here’s how gratitude increases mindfulness:

1. Gratitude Invites us to be fully present.

Gratitude draws us into the moment, asking us to be completely aware of our surroundings – using all of our senses – in order to fully appreciate it. We enjoy the beauty of the tea cup, feel its warmth, focus on the aroma and taste of our black tea.

2. practicing gratitude deepens awareness of our blessings through the day.

Practicing gratitude in our journal or planner trains us to be aware of blessings great and small throughout our day. Over time, we are more observant and appreciative of our surroundings as we hone our skills to focus on the beauty of life around us.

3. Gratefulness interrupts our knee jerk reactions.

Too often, we automatically react negatively to anything that disrupts our autopilot life. Gratitude shows us the silver lining, bringing joy to the moment.

If it starts to rain as you walk home, a grateful heart appreciates that smell of the rain and the comforting sound of rainfall. You’re soaked already, so why not be the hero of your story and lift your arms and face to the skies? Gratitude calls us to enjoy the splash of raindrops on our face. “Let’s start singing and dancing in the rain like Gene Kelly, splashing in the puddles, letting our inner child showcase the joy of life.”

4. Gratitude creates a mindful loop of joy.

Focusing on appreciation spurs us to be more mindful. And when we’re fully alive in the moment we feel more grateful. It’s a cycle that brings serenity & happiness.

Your friend gives you a gift because they know you’ve had a rough week. You sincerely appreciate the kindness of their gesture, and in that moment you feel a deep connection with them, and gratitude for this relationship brings happiness.

Gratefulness recognizes our interdependence because the good that comes our way is through others either directly or indirectly. When combined with a present-moment awareness, our sense of purpose and connectedness with the world deepens.

Gratitude and mindfulness have profound effects on our well-being and relationships. When experienced together, they make us both receptive to positive experiences and resilient against negative ones.

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